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Custom Titles  
Updated Thursday, February 22, 2001.
Titles personalized with photo and name.
Preview and select a title:
$10 - Baby Garden 
$ 5 - Mug Shots Blue 
$ 5 - Mug Shots Green 
$ 5 - Mug Shots Pink 
$10 - Photo Shelf Blue 
$10 - Photo Shelf Pink
Complete the order form: 
Work done upon receipt of payment.  Payable by credit card with the "Paypal" system (you will receive a bill). 
Terms of Use for Custom Titles:
No linkback required.  For use on non-commercial sites.
Do not modify in any way.
Your first and last name:
Complete email address (please be accurate, it's the only way I can contact you):
Photo:  Please choose a photo that is large enough (I can reduce it), and using a pose that will look right in the title you choose.
Location of photo on the web:  
(example:  http://www.chibicreations.com/mykid.jpg) 
If your photo does not reside on the web, you'll have an opportunity to email it as an attachment later.
Name to be used in graphic:
Are you a Web TV user?  If so, I'll make the graphics available to you on a temporary web page.
Please check here before pressing the submit button.
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