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Web Page Graphics 
Updated Tuesday, January 27, 2004. 
"As-is" sets are usually sent shortly after they're requested, or within about 24 hours.

Custom orders for buttons and titles should be done within 48 hours after payment is made. 

Preview and select a set:
Sets come with titles shown and buttons listed. 
Blustery Night 
Candy Cane 
Valentine's Day 
Cut That Out 

Complete the request form: 
Your first and last name:
Complete email address (please be accurate, it's the only way I can contact you):
Are you a Web TV user?  If so, I'll make the graphics available to you on a temporary web page.
Web page where the graphics will be used: 
Graphics may  only be used for free:
 -  On posted public web pages   
(not as Email Stationery or printed).
 -  By individuals  (not web design services).
 -  On personal pages (non-business). 
 -  On G-Rated pages.
 - With credit and links back to my site.
See Terms of Use for details.

Valid url only.  Page must already exist on server. 


Licensing fee for commercial pages (anything promoting a business or selling goods or services).  
No fee for public or private schools and most educational sites. 
Payable by credit card with the "Paypal" system (you will receive a bill). 
$50 Licensing Fee 
Order Complete set of Custom Buttons/Titles  (You will receive a bill)
Skip this section to receive set free and as is with titles shown and buttons listed in preview.
Work done upon receipt of payment.  Payable by credit card with the "Paypal" system (you will receive a bill). 
$10 for one title and up to 10 extra buttons. $0.50 each additional title or button.
One title. 
Extra titles at an additional $0.50 each. 
Standard buttons automatically included:  Home, Next, Back, Email, Links, Sign, View, Photos 
Up to ten custom buttons. 
Extra buttons at an additional $0.50 each. 
Please check here before pressing the submit button.
© Dawn Gombos / Chibi Creations 1998-2006  All Rights Reserved
Chibi Creations site graphics are NOT available for any use.

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