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Updated Friday, March 31, 2006.

Graphics Sites

Rae Studios

Formerly Roxanne's, check out her brand new BEAUTIFUL site on a brand new domain.

Roxanne has been a very dear and generous friend who is always helpful.

Her graphics are just GORGEOUS, and her site has so much more to offer!  She has tutorials for just about anything you need  know having to do with graphics and the programs that create them.

Angel's Web Graphics

What a site!  A few times I've looked at pages displaying my graphics, and then decided to look around the rest of those sites, finding some other pages decorated with Angel's Graphics.  It's ... humbling ... to say the least!  I always walk away saying, "Wow - that looked great." 

I decided to take a look at Angel's itself  - and I think all of the graphics are wonderful.  I had to come here and list the site.  You won't be disappointed when you visit.

Graphics by Cwshorty

Linda of Graphics by Cwshorty dedicated a gorgeous set to me called "Inspiration Angel" as a way to thank me for some help.  All she needed was a couple of little pointers, and she became very good at what she does.

When she was starting to make web pages she asked me if I had seen any graphics with an African flair.  Really, between the two of us we couldn't find too much out there.  Well, Linda took care of that and just started making them herself. 

Stop by and visit her new site - she's done quite a few complete sets already, and her graphics are beautiful.

Aba Designs

Formerly "Art by Ali", Aba Designs announces it's opening.  Mary Alice is a very good friend of mine.  She and I have spent many a day chatting with Instant Messenger, and then gabbing about graphics  techniques and tricks.  For that matter, she's the reason I was inspired to open my site in January of 1998. 

See what she has to offer on her new site!

Homemade Graphics

By Dezign


Bandit Designs
Cricket Graphics
Rita Peitz
Sherry's GRRRfix
Windy City

Cultural / Ethnic / Religious

Graphics by Cwshorty
Graphics Schmaphics
In His Image


GFX Power Search

Graphics Lists

Backgrounds - Themes & Sets
Bobbi's Place
Cool Freebies
Fly the Web
Graphic Designz Resource Guide
Graphics Guide
Homepage Helpers
Jason Luttrell
KP's Links
Little Shop of Graphics
Mickey's Country & Craft
Penny's Favorite Graphic Links
Uproar Angel's
Web Clip Art
Graphics Webrings

Background Ring
Graphics Ring
Ring of Free Graphics
#1 Free Wallpaper + Backgrounds + Web Graphics RING
Border Background Webring
Graphics and Links

Educational Graphics

See the Educational Page for a more complete listing.

Graphics for Educators
Graphics for Teachers
School Clip Art

Guides to Creating  Web Pages

See Webmaster Resources


Money Back Shopping. ebates.com

Other Links

Earn Money While Surfing

Maximum Referrals
Display all your "Earn Money While Surfing" programs in one neat automatically generated web page.  You can encourage others to see all your programs at once, and even receive random referrals.

Similar Programs:
Paid for Surf.Com

Save Money / Cash Back

A great way to shop online!  They give you a cash rebate for buying at your favorite stores, like CDNow, Beyond.com, Borders and J Crew. Signing up takes only seconds and it's free. The prices are still the same at the stores, but you earn cash rebates of up to 25%.

You can earn money for getting friends to join, too. If they join,  Ebates.com will give you 10% of any rebates they earn.  You even earn a percentage from those your friends have join under them.

Shop and save.  Become a member and earn commissions on those you refer.  Free unlimited webspace to set up your own online store, as well as other personal and business pages. 

Fun Stuff

Wacky Uses
Find the strangest uses for ordinary products.

Crossword Puzzle of the Day
Online Crossword puzzles.  No eraser marks!

Cool free desktop tool that acts like a radio, and lets you pick the type of music you want to hear.

Optical Illusions
The most comprehensive collection of optical and sensory illusions on the world-wide web.

Payphone Project
List of payphone numbers  - you can add one from your neighborhood! 

Secrets of Disney
Find some of the little-known facts about Disney and his works, theme parks, etc.

This site is SO COOL.  You can actually try to find your neighborhood in an aerial photograph taken from a satellite in space!  Big brother really is watching!  See if you can find your neighborhood, or perhaps even your house.  I found mine by spotting some obvious rivers and roads, a baseball field, etc. 

Online registry of high schools.  See if someone you know has already been listed.

Free Games - Win Prizes / Cash!

Direct Prizes
Display the little window as you work or surf - catch a prize and click on it - you win that prize!

Click on the tree and win cash prizes!

Scratch-off tickets! 

Try the bingo game - it's lots of fun and you never know - you might win a few dollars.

Email Lotto
Play one ticket the first time and they send you email so you can play the next week with MORE tickets. 

Free Slots!
Try your hand at the one-armed bandit.

I pong
The old-fashioned pong game that started the video game craze years ago.  Trivia questions too.

The only prize game on the web that gives you over 1000 chances a day to win great prizes and cash!

Free Stuff

Tons of Cool Free Stuff!
There are so many categories listed here, you are bound to find something you need - for free!

Many different categories.

Free Advertising Resources
If you've got something to advertise, visit this list of many free places to place your ads.

The Free Site
Free things of every kind.

Easy email reminder service.

100% Free USA ISPs
The most comprehensive list of  (plus a few Low Cost) Internet access providers in the United States.

100% Free ISPs in USA
Search a free ISP by area code


If you want your page listed on the Chibi Creations site, see the  Add A Link Page - and add your own links!

The Nursery
Lots of links and info for pregnancy, babies, toddlers.
Magic Mike
Magic Mike presents Jokes, Photos, Cartoons, Funny Photos, Inspirations, Recipes and Links

Barb's Adoption Page

Paint Shop Pro Links Page
My links page has links for PSP fans - tutorials, text techniques, tubes to download, etc.

Computer Room
Links on resources for your computer - music, searches, fonts, more.

Reference Facts - Refdesk.com
The single best source for facts on the Net.

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