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Sims Stuff
Updated Thursday, April 11, 2002.

Welcome to my Sims page!

This sure is one addictive game!  If you haven't heard about it, see their official site listed in the links section below.  If you've already know you want a copy, you can find it at Toys R Us through Spree.Com.


Please leave these files intact so that the names and descriptions stay within them.  I also ask that nobody claims to have made them themselves, and they are not distributed in collections.   If they happen to be in use when you upload your houses and families to the Sims Exchange, then they will be available to those who download those houses and families, which is fine with me.

Walls and Floors

These must be unzipped and placed in the following directories accordingly: 

C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Floors
C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Walls

Let's Color Set
For your tots' rooms!  Designed with colorful crayons like my web page graphics.   $1 a panel

Geese Set
With quiet colors of teal and tan, this wallpaper has geese flying along the top border.   $1 a panel

Lattice Set
When you just have to have mauve!  Designed like my  web page set.  $1 a panel

Tot Room
There are very few wallpapers and floors that wil actually go with this furniture, so I made some.  $1 a panel


These skins are designed exactly for the type of person you see in the thumbnails  (the sex, skin color, and whether it's grown or a child). 

These must be unzipped and placed in the following directory: 

C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Skins

..and you MUST leave their filenames as they are so they work properly.  These will show up on your Sims OF THE SAME TYPE whenever you create new families, or have your existing Sims change clothes with bureaus and armoires.


My originals:

Mutations of Maxis skins:


Mutations of Maxis skins:


Mutations of Maxis skins:


The Sims Official Maxis Site
My Sims Families Okay, don't laugh!  I like to play the game minus the money cheats (except for the occasional slot machine), so my Sims start out pretty poor and have to work their way up!
Sims Resource  
Simz Online  
Threnody's Chic Boutique Skins, and detailed tutorials for making your own.


EliSims Allows you to manage multiple neighborhoods in the game by creating more directories and easily switching to the one you want to play.
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