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Email Stationery
Updated Sunday, November 26, 2000.

The free web page sets are still strictly for web pages  with links back to my site, but these graphics may be used freely as email stationery.

These files are often smaller, different than the sets, and designed to be used in email without the obligation of linking to me.

Sorry, no instructions yet  - this assumes you already know how to use them.

These come with optional customized email signatures.  Put a little pizzazz in your emails with these coordinated signatures that are undeniably YOU! Prices start at $10 and are listed with the samples.  The ordering information is at the bottom of this page.

If you happen to have the same name as the sample signature files, they are on the house - you may download them and use them free of charge.

Here are a few files to begin with - more to come.

To download with IE, right click on the background for each sample, and save as. 
If you are using Netscape, right-click on the LINK for each sample and save as. 

Shore Enough
Signature - $5



Signature - $5



Chicken in a Basket
Signature - $5



Nautically Nice
Signature - $5



Ordering Information
These custom signatures are designed to work against the backgrounds shown above.

Signatures are made up per your instructions on the order form.  Most work can be completed within a few days.  Files are sent to you via email once payment has been received.

Be sure you download the stationery file and know the name of the set before going to the order form.

© Dawn Gombos / Chibi Creations 1998-2006  All Rights Reserved
Chibi Creations site graphics are NOT available for any use.


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