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Your signature exactly as you would like it to appear:

For especially long names, font size might have to be adjusted down from the size shown in the sample.

Additional line(s) at $0.50 each:

These may be titles, email addresses, etc.  Might be a smaller font size than the name for aesthetic purposes.  Name size may be reduced to compliment additional lines.

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Please be sure your address is correct as this is the only way I will be able to confirm your order and deliver your signature!


Paypal Payment
(Currently for US only)

Pay by credit  / check card via Paypal.   This is a FREE system that allows people to use credit/check cards to exchange money with anyone else who is a member simply by typing their email address.  Your credit card information is kept confidential from the person you are sending money to, and payments are secure.

For a limited time, if you are not already a member you can earn $5 in your account for joining!  You'll be able to use this money as part of my payment, thus reducing the price, or you can withdraw it to your bank account.

After you submit your order, I'll send a payment request to the email address you supplied above.  Clicking the link in that email will bring you directly to Paypal to complete the transaction (or join). 

It's a very simple and quick system, and you may find many other uses for it such as exchanging money between family and friends, using for auctions, etc.

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