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Terms of Use
Updated Tuesday, July 17, 2001.

You may NOT use the graphics that decorate this site.  They are for my use only on this website, and they are copyrighted.
Basic Rules:

1.  Tell me the urls where the graphics are being used.

2.   Link back to my site on the same page (every page) using the web page set graphics.

3.  Do not change the graphics in any way, except to add text to blanks if provided.

4.  Web page sets are for use ONLY on public posted web pages - no intranet, no password protected pages, no printing, no email decoration. 

5.  Graphics are free for personal pages. 

6.  May be used on commercial sites with a $50 licensing fee.  The licensing fee covers the registered URL (and pages under it) ONLY.  No fee for public or private schools and most educational sites. If you wish to switch to another site, contact me so that I can transfer your registration.

7.  None of graphics are to be used in collections of any kind, either posted or on any media, nor should anyone claim to have made them themselves.  They are not to be distributed on any website for downloading.

8.  Use on adult pages is prohibited.


1. Tell me where the graphics are going to be used.

Fill out the request form with the actual (existing) url of your page. 

2. Link back to my site on the same page.

An active link to my site should be placed at the bottom on the same page, (every page) that displays the sets or parts of sets.  Placing a link on a separate page of  "credits"  without having one on the page using the graphics violates these terms. 

You may use the coordinating buttons that come with each set or just a small text link:
<CENTER>Graphics by 
<A HREF="http://www.chibicreations.com">Chibi Creations</A></CENTER> at the bottom of the page.

3. Do not change the graphics in any way.

NO  modification is allowed, including:

1. Resizing the graphics or changing the graphics in any way.
2.  Changing the file sizes / format types.
3.  Using portions of my graphics to make your own.
You are allowed to make custom buttons / titles with blank ones I've provided.  I will customize your title and buttons for a small fee.  See the request forms, or the Custom Graphics Buttons Page

4. For use only on posted public web pages.

No intranet pages, password protected pages, email stationery, printed matter of any kind.

5. Free for Personal pages only. 

These graphics are free for your own personal homepages only - no commercial pages.  See Commercial Licensing Fee if you have a commercial site (as described below).  Most educational sites are exempt from the licensing fee.

6. Commercial Licensing Fee. 

If your page promotes a business in some way, sells services or merchandise,  or is an affiliate page, it is considered commercial.  No fee for public or private schools and most educational sites.

Web page designers MUST pay a licensing fee to use the graphics for their projects - whether commercial or personal, whether they charge a fee or do the work for free. 

The current fee for using the graphics on a commercial page is $50.  Customization is extra for a small fee, and can be ordered when requesting the graphics and license.

License only covers the registered URL and it's submerges on the same domain.  If you are leaving your domain to switch to another, please contact me to arrange for a transfer of your registration, otherwise it would be invalid. 

With a commercial license, all other terms apply concerning links back to my site, no modification of graphics, etc...as outlined above. 

Thank you

Linking Buttons

For those of you who need small buttons to make nice neat lists of graphics sites, here they are.  And by the way, thanks for the listings, I so appreciate it and I know lists like those are sending people my way.

Note:  Placing a listing on your "Graphics" or "Credits" page does not waive the rule about placing credit directly on the pages using the graphics.

These buttons must be downloaded and then placed on your own server space.


Please have these buttons link to the following address only (the main page):

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© Dawn Gombos / Chibi Creations 1998-2006  All Rights Reserved
Chibi Creations site graphics are NOT available for any use.