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Updated Monday, March 4, 2002.

Web Design

ASP 4 Guys from Rolla.com
Browser/Resolution Conflicts 640 by 480 or Fight
Build Flexible Layouts
CGI CGI Directory
CGI Resource Index
Matt's Script Archive
DHTML  Dynamic Drive
E-Commerce Onlineorders.Net
Sell it on the Web
Hosting HostReview.Com
HTML  / Design in General 24 Hour HTML Cafe
Beginner's Guide to HTML
Creating your own homepage
Free Web Utilities
HTML Goodies
HTML Quick Reference
IRT Knowledge Base
Sizzling HTML
Web Developer.Com
Web Developers Virtual Library
Web Page Design for Designers
Java A1 Javascripts
Java Boutique
Java Goodies
JavaScript City
JavaScript Source
MIDI Cross-Browser Background Music Tips
Scripts Script Search
SSI - Server Side Includes Amazing HTML - SSI Tutorial
BigNoseBird.Com's SSI Page
Server Side Includes (SSI) Tutorial
SSI tutorial page
Tables Tame Your Tables
Web Page Fonts Microsoft Typography - Shows which fonts are acceptable for use as text on web pages.

Virtualis Web Hosting


Paint Shop Pro  
Blade Pro Presets BladePro Filters (Blade Pro Official Site)
Webring List - Blade Pro
Paint Shop Pro Tubes  Cindy Odman's Tubes
 Cricket Graphics Tubes
 Free Motion Tubes
 JASC's Tube Gallery 
 Surfin' Mom's Tubes
Resources Graphics 101




Font Lister - A great little program that will show you fonts in any directory (not just those you have installed).  Shows you all characters available and lets you type in sample text to see what it will look like. 

Font Thing - Another great font management / selection tool! 

Font Download Sites 1001 Free Fonts
Acid Fonts
Dingbat Fonts
Famous Fonts {movies}
Font Emporium
Font Links
Font Mania
Font Web Ring
PC Fonts

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